Good and interesting concept for a portable wind turbine, is suitable for camping, and other outdor activities that require energy sources especially for charging other baterei.kelebihan in this concept is the turbine can be bent, so easy to carry everywhere.
it’s limited in what it can do, but the concept is cool. In fact, some people like scientists and foresters or the like might find it useful in the field as a portable power source.
This project, by designers Marcos Madia, Sergio Ohashi and Juan Manuel Pantano, explores the idea of a folding wind turbine. The artwork suggests the turbine could generate 600 watts
 The carbon fiber and aluminum Eolic portable wind turbine is the concept of designers Marcos Madia, Sergio Ohashi and Juan Manuel Pantano.  The whole deal folds-up into an easily transportable, vacuum cleaner-like cylinder.  The telescoping tower lets it reach skyward to where the wind is strongest.
Opening the pod, the unit folds out to reveal the tripod stand with the folded turbine at center.  The pole under the turbine telescopes in three sections while the turbine unfolds to reveal three blades.  Wiring runs down through the telescoping stand and out.  When fully extended to its maximum height (unspecified), guy wires can be released and staked into the ground around it for added stability.