after looking for The Bahrain World Trade Center (BWTC) has completed the construction of the three wind turbines that will generate electricity between it’s twin towers. amazing design and concept for wind turbine development, integrated with two tower to produce electricity will inspire to other architect to built building that can produce electricity.
The three wind turbines are horizontally supported between the towers by three bridges weighing a substantial 65-tonnes each, and will provide 11-15% of the electricity needs of both towers.

you can also look the video on youtube below

$150 million and four years after ground broke, this building is now open and tenants are moving in. Standing 240 meters tall (787 feet), it'll be fifty floors with fine restaurants, a food court, hotel space for the Sheraton, business center, car parking and a 9,600m² shopping center (103,333 square feet) with 160 boutique stores including Versace, Yves St Laurent, Hermes and Dolce, kiosk, Tiffanys, van Cleef and Arpel and Gabbana.

below image shown BWTC when at night

and below is zoom view of the turbine


  1. Krista Hiles // October 26, 2014 at 10:20 PM  

    Wind energy is harnessed by means of wind energy. Wind turbines are usually mounted on the high towers for generating more electricity as the probability is high for producing more powers on such heights.