Wind power is the conversion wind energy into a useful energy source such as electricity. Wind turbines use an electrical generator grid to convert the electrical current produced by the rotations of the wind turbine blades then transferred into gear box, from gear box it will turn the generator and produce DC electricity, which can be further converted into an alternating current(AC).

Wind energy is actually produced by the sun. the energy from the sun hitting the earth’s surface will converted into wind energy. This conversion happens because of a phenomena called “differential heating” which is a result of the many different types of landscapes and water ways, heating and cooling at different rates causing a global atmospheric convection system.
in this earth, wind rises from the equator and moves north and south in the higher layers of the atmosphere, The region of Earth receiving the Sun's direct rays is the equator. Here, air is heated and rises, leaving low pressure areas behind. Moving to about thirty degrees north and south of the equator, the warm air from the equator begins to cool and sink. Between thirty degrees latitude and the equator, most of the cooling sinking air moves back to the equator. The rest of the air flows toward the poles

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picture below also give good visualization of global wind direction in earth

Wind Distributions in our World
before calculating the exact number or think that your want to builds wind turbine in your area, first let's look same fact date circulation of global wind, and wind speed distributions in our worlds.

United States Annual Average Wind Turbine

Maps of mean 80-m wind speeds for year 2000
from this map we can get detail information of wind power in each countries.


North America

South America




Conclusion and Summary
1. Approximately 13% of all stations worldwide belong to class 3 or greater (i.e., annual mean wind speed ≥ 6.9 m/s at 80 m) and are therefore suitable for wind power generation.
2. Sub tropical Countries have more good potential wind energy than tropical countries.
3.Offshore stations experience mean wind speeds at 80 m that are ~90% greater than over land on average.