innovative power conversion technology using magnetic energy recovery switch (MERS), they are two type of MERS that available in market,
1. conventional wind power conversion,
A variable speed synchronous generator
with many poles is connected to a grid through an ac-dc converter and a dc-ac inverter, see the picture below

The disadvantage of this conventional conversation system is that an output voltage of the synchronous generator will decreases with the increase of current
because of synchronous reactance. Since the overload capacity of generator is small, an instantaneous strong wind power energy cannot be taken out and it is not efficient.
2. Diode Rectifier in Mers
this system actually still in development process in Tokyo institute of technology,

is a wind power conversion system with MERS with diode rectifier second picture above can improve a power factor regardless of the impedance and power frequency of the load, and it ca generates voltage and compensates for the synchronous reactance voltage. furthermore, the output voltage of the generator will increases, and it becomes possible to improve limited output power and efficiency of the wind
power system. Therefore, it is expected that the efficiency improvement of the power conversion system and the miniaturization of wind turbine generator can be expected. Moreover, the MERS works as ac breaker.


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